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Whether you are part of a large school system with tens of thousands of students or a small private school with just a few hundred students, you face some daunting challenges with managing PCs in computer labs or classrooms for students and teachers:
  • Tight budgets result in outdated PCs or fewer PCs. Either way, the students and teachers suffer.
  • PC management is a nightmare. Managing dozens of PCs per school is a daunting challenge for schools with limited IT personnel.
  • Limited PC lab space and electrical wiring limit computing access to more students.
NComputing's X series can address all of these challenges using a lesson we all learned in the first day of school -- sharing. By sharing the untapped processing power of a PC, up to seven students can simultaneously use that PC. So a 35 seat PC lab only requires 5 PCs.

Key Benefits of NComputing:
  • Cut PC acquisition costs by 60%
  • Reduce PC equipment and complexity
  • Lower electrical consumption by 90%
  • Monitor student activity
  • Accommodate 30% more students in the same PC lab

How does it work?

The X series consists of an X350 PCI card that plugs into the PCI slot of a regular PC. The PCI card has three RJ45 ports that each link to an X350 access terminal. The access terminal is connected to standard peripherals like the keyboard, monitor and mouse. A second X350 can be added to the same PC, so that up to 7 students (1 on the host PC, 3 on each of the two X350 PCI cards) can share a PC. Like all NComputing products, the X350 works with existing PC applications and delivers full PC performance.

The X350 has the option of including NControl, which allows teachers and administrators to monitor what students are doing on their terminals. Teachers can also send warning messages and even take control of students computing environments if they use improper applications like instant messaging.

Updated 1/10/08